If digital is on your mind, take the leap!Power up the pipeline, engage with customers, drive higher conversions and grow your SALES.

Why mangoleap

Compete higher, Punch better!

Whatever your size, our products & services help you shore up three critical areas.

More leads for less

We arm digital marketing teams with sophisticated yet easier ways to track campaigns, resulting in more leads for less.

Higher, quicker conversions

We help sales teams sift qualified leads from random ones, for higher, quicker conversions.

Speedy, insightful customer response

We streamline customer response by capturing customer conversations across chat, texts, social media pages and emails.

Accelerate sales & minimise selling costs with our complete digital suite.


We are a team of professionals trained to meet sales goals for our customers. And we achieve that with the combination of the right tools.
Talk to us to see how we can scale up your sales.


With lead management, conversation management and workflow management, Gallabox from Mangoleap is redefining the way Sales, Marketing and Support teams can work together, remotely and more efficiently...

About us

your success defines us

MangoLeap was founded to provide sticky, effective and practical digital products and solutions. Regardless of size or resource, we like to work with driven businesses, focussed on doing better & growing faster.


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9th June 2020

Why we built mangoleap?

SMBs need a ‘digital personal trainer’ to build muscle for their business using digital marketing. The digital marketing process for small and medium businesses is unstructured and needs fixing...

13th Aug 2020

What does it mean for SMBs to go digital?

The key issues faced by small businesses include inadequate sources of new customer acquisition, remotely managing customer engagement...

4th Aug 2020

Tips to build trusted social media profile

A lot of SMEs and MSMEs, quite often neglect their online brand building. With a great focus on offline and word-of-mouth marketing...

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